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Seba Technology Disruption Framework

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RethinkX uses the Seba Technology Disruption Framework™ to help analyze and model phase change disruptions

Developed by Tony Seba, this framework is the result of more than a dozen years of research and teaching on technology disruptions, business model innovation, finance and strategic marketing of high-tech products and innovations at Stanford Continuing Studies. It has been used to understand and anticipate disruptions in several industries.

Like most disruptions, our current paradigm is one being driven by the convergence of several key technologies whose costs and capabilities have been improving on consistent and predictable trajectories. These include solar photovoltaic power, wind power and lithium-ion battery energy storage, precision fermentation and cellular agriculture, and electric and autonomous electric vehicle technologies.


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This vision sounds extreme, but Seba has been proven right before with his predictions about both the solar energy market and the development of electric cars.

- Curbed LA, May 2017

RethinkX predicts disruptions

For over a decade the RethinkX team has accurately predicted the dramatic cost improvements and market growth in the energy, transportation and food & agriculture sectors.

The approach RethinkX uses is based on the Seba Technology Disruption Framework, which has been empirically validated against dozens of disruptions since the 19th century. It provides a powerful lens through which to view the full complexity of technology disruptions.

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