Language Translation & Sponsorship

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At RethinkX, we strive to make our research as widely available as possible to a global audience

All our research reports can be downloaded for free from our website in English, and in some cases other languages as well. However, we recognize that large parts of our audience may not speak these languages. We are open to hearing from individuals and organizations that are willing to translate and distribute our research to parts of the world where it is not currently available in a local language.

RethinkX is a not-for-profit, independent research organization and cannot compensate for translation and distribution into other languages. We are, therefore, only interested in hearing from individuals and organizations that have the means to take on the task of professional translation and distribution themselves, or that are willing to sponsor (through a gift) the translation using our professional third-party translation service (or equivalent).

In the case where an individual or organization sponsors a translation working with our  third-party service (or equivalent), they will be recognized on the inside cover of the translated work by the message: “Translation from English to [Language] provided by [Name/Organization]” (or words to that effect).

To discuss terms, conditions and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.

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