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Rethinking Energy (2022)

Germany's Path to 'Freedom Energy' by 2030
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Rethinking Energy: Germany’s Path to ‘Freedom Energy’ by 2030

Germany is facing an unprecedented energy supply crisis as it rethinks dependence on Russian oil and gas imports. But this crisis also poses a unique opportunity.

Within the next decade, Germany can lead the world by creating a fully self-sufficient zero cost clean energy system for less than the country’s current annual fossil fuel spending, laying the foundations for a bold new era of long-term energy security and economic prosperity unlike anything seen before. The key to meeting the current challenge is to fully understand technology disruption, its geopolitical implications and its race-to-the-top consequences.

Tony Seba, James Arbib, Dr. Adam Dorr and Dr. Nafeez Ahmed (RethinkX), May 2022


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