Myth: Robotaxis cannot compete economically with human-driven taxis because of the cost of taxi licenses (‘medallions’)

 |  6 May 2024

False. The biggest costs of running a taxi service are the costs of paying the driver, paying the dispatchers and other people who work for the service, paying for the car, and buying the fuel. Autonomous, electric vehicles (A-EVs) take away most of these costs. Furthermore, things like taxi licenses, which restrict the number of taxis in a given area to ensure that drivers can earn a living income, could go away entirely with the coming disruption of transportation.

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Why are fleet-driven robotaxis used through TaaS cheaper than individually owned cars?

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Once TaaS is introduced, consumers purchasing a new car will choose TaaS over independently owned ICE vehicles for purely economic reasons. 

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Published on: 12/07/23

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