Myth: “I could never give up my car!”

 |  6 May 2024

True. You will not need to.

Human-driven cars spend about 95% of their time parked. But autonomous electric vehicles (A-EVs) operating as taxis could serve more passenger miles per year than individually owned vehicles. So, even when half of all cars remain human driven, more than 90% of all driving could be by A-EVs. You will not need to give up your car.

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  • A journey in an electric Transport-as-a-Service (TaaS) vehicle requires no investment other than downloading a phone application, and there are no penalties for taking one journey. The service can be tried at will and the option to cease to use TaaS is always available (it has high “trialability”). See the graph below to understand the factors affecting consumer choices between individually owned internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and A-EVs. Read more on p24-25 of our report Rethinking Transport.

Witness the transformation

Once TaaS has been introduced, consumers purchasing a new car will instead choose to use fleet, owned, on demand TaaS over independently owning an ICE vehicle, for purely economic reasons. 

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Published on: 12/07/23

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