Myth: Precision Fermentation is only a production method for making proteins

 |  6 May 2024

False. Precision Fermentation is a highly versatile technology that can be used to make all kinds of molecules, not just proteins.

Several companies have either announced future commercial production or have already begun commercial production of molecules made from Precision Fermentation (PF) that are not proteins.


  • C19 Biosciences, palm oil, announced

  • Melt & Marble, animal fats, announced


  • Bolt Threads, brewed protein, commercial

Terpenes (aromatic hydrocarbons):

  • Conagen, alpha-Ionene, menthol, commercial

  • Evolva, nootkatone, valencene, commercial

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The food & agriculture disruption is primarily a protein disruption driven by economics, however, many different kinds of molecules can be created through modern food processes. The cost of modern proteins will be five times cheaper than existing animal proteins by 2030 and 10 times cheaper by 2035. Eventually, they will be nearly as cheap as sugar. They will also be superior in every key attribute–more nutritious, healthier, better tasting and more convenient, with almost unimaginable variety. 

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Published on: 12/07/23

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