Can we build batteries fast enough to maintain exponential growth of renewables and electric vehicles?

 |  6 May 2024

Yes. Battery supply will be the limiting factor to deployment of renewables and electric vehicles (EVs), however, the demand from these sectors will create massive incentive to ramp up battery supply.

Tesla decided to build the first Gigafactory when it realized there wasn’t enough global capacity to meet their own demand for batteries. Since starting Gigafactory 1 in Nevada in 2016, dozens of other major factories have been built, and more are in the pipeline. The planned capacity for battery production is approaching the TWh/year scale.

Battery supply will indeed be the limiting factor, or bottleneck, for the deployment of renewables and EVs. However, the enormous demand from those sectors will create massive incentives to ramp up battery supply. This bottleneck will therefore constrain but not prevent the disruption.

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Conventional clean energy scenarios make the common error of misunderstanding that disruptive new technologies will not just replace old technologies on a one-to-one basis, but they will transform the system completely...

The enormous demand from both the transport and energy sectors will create massive incentives to ramp up battery supply.

This new, clean energy system run by 100% solar, wind and battery (SWB) is inevitable, and will produce a superabundant surplus of clean energy at near-zero marginal cost that we call SWB Superpower.

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