Optimism, Progress, And the Future of Environmentalism
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We are on the cusp of the fastest, deepest, most profound disruption of the climate sector in over a century

About the Book

Brighter: Optimism, Progress, And the Future of Environmentalism

Until now, human progress and prosperity has come at a terrible cost to the natural world. Everywhere we look we see environmental devastation, and the looming threat of climate change casts our very future into doubt. Many believe our only option is to make massive cutbacks, to downgrade prosperity, to shrink the global economy by half or more. But this would only exchange an ecological catastrophe for a social one. If we truly face a no-win scenario, is it any wonder pessimism is so widespread?

Brighter explains that a very different future lies ahead of us. Adam Dorr is an environmental scientist, technology theorist, and Director of Research at the renowned think tank RethinkX. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Dorr explains that technological disruptions are already underway that will radically transform energy, transportation, food, and labor. The clean new technologies will wipe out older, dirtier technologies, foster unprecedented prosperity, and open the door to mitigating environmental impacts and restoring ecological integrity at a planetary scale – including solving climate change.

With clear explanations based on the pioneering work of RethinkX, Brighter offers an antidote to pessimism and false hope by giving us compelling reasons for optimism grounded in data, challenging us to reimagine environmentalism for the 21st Century.
- Adam Dorr (RethinkX) (2022)

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Adam delivers good, realistic and science based argument why prosperity is the answer to our current challenges. With great insights on specific technologies which are all available now.
I honestly recommend you read this book and dive deep in all the research from RethinkX. This either changes the view on how you look into the future or will give you awesome insights about everything which is relevant.

- Johannes Kloos (2024) 5 star Amazon Reviewer

'Brighter' Youtube Series

Join RethinkX Director of Research Adam Dorr in our new video series ‘Brighter’ to learn more about the climate implications of the global technology disruptions

“We are on the cusp of extraordinary global technology disruptions in four foundational sectors: energy, transportation, food and labour. The new technologies driving these disruptions will enable us to solve some of our most pressing environmental problems. The best news? The clean technologies we need to solve these problems already exist.”

- Adam Dorr, Director of Research, RethinkX

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