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#AEVs to disrupt transportation by 2030, change global economy. Choices made now to shape transition @Rethink_X

REPORT: Transportation disruption coming faster than anticipated; those that move now benefit most @Rethink_X #AEVs

REPORT: Transportation disruption coming fast, to boost GDP by $1 trillion by 2030 @Rethink_X #AEVs

REPORT: Fewer cars to travel more miles, individual car ownership to end by 2030 thanks to #AEVs. @Rethink_X

NEW REPORT: 95% of passenger miles traveled by 2030 will be served on demand by #AEVs owned by companies @Rethink_X

NEW REPORT: #TransportAsAService to be 4-10x cheaper per mile than individual car ownership by 2021 #AEVs @Rethink_X


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New analysis shows autonomous electric vehicles and transport as a service (TaaS) will be far cheaper than individual car ownership by 2030. The report, Rethinking Transportation, predicts the average American household will save $5,600 per year by making the switch to TaaS.

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Report shows that transport-as-a-service and autonomous electric vehicles (AEVs) will account for 95 percent of passenger miles by 2030, and will save consumers money - savings on transportation will boost disposable income for U.S. households by $1 trillion by 2030.

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Report shows autonomous electric vehicles will completely disrupt transportation by 2030 and reshape the global economy. The choices we make today will shape the transition.

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Rethinking Transportation shows that transportation disruption is coming faster than mainstream analysis predicts.

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